Religious groups Say Anti-Bullying Law is a Hidden Sex Ed Agenda

In light of recent bullying related suicides the Ontario Government moved to bring in strict new anti-bullying laws. The laws make it clear that students will face expulsion for cyber-bullying, hateful text messages and getting physical including push and shoving. The new laws also outlaw sexual assault, gender based violence and homophobia. Of course that last one has got fundamentalists crying foul.

Charles McVetty of the Institute for Canadian Values says Premier Dalton McGuinty is using the problem of bullying to advance “his radical sex education agenda.” (Globe and mail 2011)

The Institute For Canadian Values is a fundamentalist Judeo-Christian organization who, like all organizations of its kind, would rather see bullying and teen suicide continue to be a problem than teach  that its ok to be gay, transgendered or transsexual by using the usual rhetoric of ‘corrupting children’ and ‘family values’.

We here at Never Thought To Question Why are proud to say that this time religion is not once again being a barrier to progress, especially when it comes to the safety and well being of our children. Never Thought To Question Why wants to express our whole hearted supported to the Ontario Government’s effort to, simply put, totally ignore the radicals and put children and human rights first. Its about time.


6 thoughts on “Religious groups Say Anti-Bullying Law is a Hidden Sex Ed Agenda

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      1. I’m working on moderation, the site is very new.
        I agree anti-bullying laws walk a very thin line BUT the point here is just how quickly religious fundamentalists get all worked up when it includes anything anti-homophobia., We here are pretty quick to point out how subtlety hate filled these groups are. Lucky for us the government isn’t paying much attention to them..


  1. If a kid can’t take criticism, maybe they should just off themselves. Why does society have the stroke the egos of every little child? So they grow up to be spineless censors?

    And who cares if religious people hate? Atheists hate things, too… or are you laboring under the delusion that atheists possess some inherent moral high-ground? I personally don’t hate religious people, but I reserve the right to, just as they have the right to hate gay people. No one has the right to be free from criticism, and any attempt to stifle someone’s words will never be more than a blatant infringement of every person’s freedom to speak their mind.

    Being the butt of jokes never held anyone back, ever. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar. How do I know? When was the last time you heard a joke that flattered a lawyer or politicians? They seem to be doing just fine, despite all the public ridicule.

    On some level I respect your desire to help people, but this anti-bullying nonsense is bullshit that will one day be used by these very same hate-mongering Christians to stifle any criticism or mocking of their religion. Nothing is sacred, not religion, not sexuality, not gender, nothing, and I hope it stays that way.

    Sorry, this is just one of my pet-peeves… as a liberal who finds political correctness to be a cancer, I get very frustrated by this kind of stuff. It almost makes me feel ashamed to associate with the political left… almost.


    1. They are free to hate until the cows come home but I do take issue when hate filled fundamentalists try to influence public policy to reflect their backwards attitudes. Safe bet they wouldn’t care if the policies against homophobia weren’t in there.
      However I do agree that anti-bullying laws, like i said in my previous reply, walk a very thin line. I haven’t seen the details of the legislation yet so I’m withholding judgement for the time being. But I did notice the second it included tolerance for different sexualities the hate groups got vocal. Well I get vocal back. Perhaps I am intolerant to of intolerance. lol


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