Nigeria Plunging into religious war

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Islam is the religion of peace? This Christmas day in Nigeria the religion of peace demonstrated that it carries this line of reasoning:

1. Sharia law would be good for our country,
2. Sharia law has not yet be implemented so therefore,
3. We must commence killing and terrorizing to demonstrate just how peaceful our religion makes us.

In total 27 people were killed and dozens more injured as a series of bombs aimed the ‘enemies’ of the religion of peace were detonated across the mostly Christian regions of Nigeria (link). One of the explosions did manage to show that Islam treats everyone equally detonating as a crowd of men, women and children left a Christian church following a holiday mass.

Christian leaders in the country are starting to call for other Christians to defend themselves stating that they will soon be left with no choice but plunge Nigeria into an all out civil war between the mostly Christian north and mostly Muslim south. It wasn’t enough that Nigeria was already riddled with poverty, crime and other kinds of violence the followers of religion of peace decided that their religion is so superior that they would incite an all out war in order to make their country a better place (more perfectly sound logic).

So let’s review the reasoning:

  1. Sharia law will make our country better and is not being implemented in our country,
  2. Murdering and terrorizing will win sympathizers or scare everyone into implementing Sharia law. So therefore,
  3. We must instigate a civil war

Some Muslim leaders have tried desperately to separate themselves from their peace loving brethren but their not fooling anyone because once again this Christmas the world saw just how peaceful Islam makes its followers.

Murdering and terrorizing and warfare, thanks again Islam for being the religion of peace.


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