Why The Sally Morgan case could be groundbreaking

On January 26th I wrote about Sally Morgan’s lawsuit against the Daily Mail and I have come to realise just how groundbreaking this case could be. Sally is suing for libel; this means she feels that the article damagingly misrepresented her. I don’t know what the Daily Mail’s defense will be but I know what I would like it to be. The Daily Mail should simply claim that the article was truthful. Even if the daily Mail lost the case an in-depth exploration of ‘psychics’ could at the very least make it more widely known why ‘psychics’ are fraudulent and if they do win then it would open the legal doors to exposing any ‘psychic’ and similar fraudsters.

To be fair Morgan has a case, the article was widely read and very damaging.  Zenon avoided directly attacking Morgan in most of the article in fact the most direct attack I could find was a picture caption:

‘Game’s up: An audience member claims he heard a man’s voice feeding information to Sally Morgan over a microphone’ (The Daily Mail)

However the article does feature Morgan and so the courts will have to decide if it was enough of a focus on Morgan to be considered libelous.

Fortunately Zenon and The Daily Mail have the truth on their side and their legal case could include:

  • There is no credible scientific evidence for the existence of ‘psychic’ powers.
  • What tricks Morgan and others like her use and why they are misleading
  • The harms that her services cause.

Any of this going into permanent legal record could one day save a lot of suffering.

If the courts finds in favor of the Daily Mail it could very well be the end of Sally Morgan. She is taking a very large gamble, she will have to put all of her cards on the table in her defence. Will her hand be exposed for the bluff that is? I hope so, it could do the world and the cause of truth (one of the most noble) a lot of good.


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