U.S. State Science Standards Are “Mediocre to Awful”

This is not good, not good at all. According to a new report from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute the state of science education in the United States is ‘mediocre to awful’. They cite four factors:

  1. An undermining of evolution
  2. Vague Goals
  3. Not enough guidance for teachers on how to integrate the history of science and the concept of scientific inquiry into their lessons
  4. Not enough math instruction.

One and three stand out to me the most. First off the undermining of evolution; I know it is childish but I really hope Richard Dawkins and other champions of evolution give a big ‘I told ya so’. The religious right has been adamant that it not be taught, abusing their influence, ignoring anything that disagrees with them and now their own children are paying the price.

Secondly, the problem integrating history and scientific inquiry into lessons. I am baffled at why in a science class they can’t integrate scientific inquiry. Isn’t that like teaching wood-crafting without know what wood is? This is also a vital life skill, teaching our children how to examine things scientifically empowers them to thrive in post secondary environments and in daily life it guards them against fraud and gullibility.

This report should be brought in every time the ignorant fight to keep their children that way too. Considering the size, power and influence of the United States on the world this is a sad and frightening situation. (original article)


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