Atheism/Apologetics Page coming

I am asking readers for feedback on the Atheism page. The page will feature links to articles  all of the subjects listed. The articles themselves will be introductory with links to other articles, books and media for for further exploration. What I am looking for is what I might be missing. Any feedback is appreciated.

Comments Will Be Closed on The Atheism library

After much thought I have decided to leave comments off on any of the atheism pages. The first reason being is the articles are introductory. Some of the topics really can’t be thoroughly explored in one article  Second and most importantly the articles are not intended to be the final word on the subject being discussed. The articles exist to put the ideas out there for people to read and make up their own mind about. This, I believe, encourages people to think for themselves. If you find one or all of them wrong then that’s great. If you agree with one or all of them that’s great too. This entire blog exists to educate. The ideas are here, do what you want with them.




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