Writer’s Block

I have been long between posts lately but I am still here and I have been working on a lot of things.  I have been getting organized for the blog’s big move to its own .com in a few months and I have been working on the articles for the library. Here are some of the goals for the coming year:

  • Publish the.com
  •  Complete the library: At least mostly anyway, The Atheism page will be all done by the end of the year .
  • The new site will include a whole new mission statement, goals and declaration of values.
  • Expand the Library: It will include a humanism page and most likely a page dedicated to exposing the paranormal, faith-healing and other unfounded claims that James Randi correctly calls ‘Flim-Flam’
  • Recruit collaborators. I intend to try and recruit some people I can trust to help me run the new website once it is up.

I will keep this blog but the library will be moved the new site. Also, the newest blog entries will be posted to the .com first.

Seeing as how I am stuck as to what to write at the moment here a couple of really cool things from around the web that I think and hope all of my subscribers will like:

Interactive Scale of the Universe Tool: Something I have linked here before just because it  is so great. There is a second one now which is equally awesome.

The Ten Dimensions: I had forgotten about this. It’s a really great explanation of all ten dimensions. I can’t imagine an easier way to learn a very abstract, hard to understand but fascinating concept.  Great Job. I posted it here below


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