More Us versus Them from Delia Smith

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I mentioned in my ‘Void of Atheism‘ Post that a more optimistic, humanistic approach to problems solving is about being for things and not against them.  A brief reminder of my quote from Max More’s Dynamic Optimism:

Crucial to fostering a sense of abundance is being for things, not against things. You may be against many things: crime, war, being overweight, the budget deficit, intolerance, aging. Optimists restate anything they oppose in positive terms. Rather than being against government, be for liberty and responsibility. Rather than being against your company or office manager, be for making improvements. Instead of saying no to drugs, say yes to healthy pleasures. I am not merely playing a word game here: Your energy goes wherever you focus your attention. When you are against something you will expend your time and energy attacking it, complaining about it, and reacting to it. When you are for an alternative, you focus on changing it, creating alternatives, exciting others about new options, and feeling productive and creative—you will be proactive rather than reactive.(More 1998)

Clearly Delia Smith is not getting this:

‘There is a running battle going on… and militant neo-atheists and devout secularists are busting a gut to drive us off the radar and try to convince us that we hardly exist.’ Read more

‘There is a running battle going on’…there is? I tried to find a quote somewhere from Richard Dawkins, who she picks out as as a favorite, in which he says he is trying to drive believers ‘off the radar and try to convince us that we hardly exist.’ and even if he was what is Delia so worried about? There has been a lot of heavy criticism of religion in the media, in the past few years especially. However, media coverage can be deceiving. Right now criticism of religion brings in viewers, readers…etc. when something else brings in more viewers media coverage will subside and the impression that there is some sort of battle to destroy religion will disappear.

By spreading this idea that there is some kind of battle between believers and unbelievers Delia only fuels a fire. Instead of laughing knowing that an effort to rid anyone of their right to religion is absurd, she instead shakes her fists and makes unfounded accusations. Instead of being for the good things of her religion she is against some criticism of it. Encouraging anyone that will listen to her that they need to battle ‘militant neo-atheists’, as if the people don’t have enough reasons to battle each other already.

Criticism of religion isn’t going anywhere, but don’t worry believers neither is your religion. When something else sells the same number of books and brings in the same number of viewers and readers your  impression of some kind of battle against your beliefs will subside. Until then try and be optimistic and help people see your point of view,  instead  of making a stink about someone else’s.


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    1. Thanks SpiritualSavant you’re too kind. Attitudes like Delias just aren’t helping. People in positions of influence have a responsibility to set the example and when they set a bad one i will do my part to set the record straight,


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