Open Mindedness

As an appropriate opener to the new site I wanted to go over something none of us are all of the time.  In an ideal world we would all benefit from one of the most valuable outcomes of critical thinking and reasoning: an open-mind. Being willing and able to receive new ideas, perspectives and experiences is a key factor in personal growth. An open mind in no way implies uncritical acceptance of new ideas but the ability to accept new ideas, methods…etc. given convincing evidence of fact, need or both.

Having an open mind has many benefits and I have found this nice summary of them:

People who are open Minded:

  • Are more accepting of others and have fewer prejudices
  • Are more optimistic and make the most of life
  • Have less stress because they are more open to change
  • Have better problem solving skills
  • Want to learn more, therefore are more interesting

As this blog will be exposing the problems with the supernatural and pseudosciences it is very important to keep an open mind. The video below makes some very important points:

  • Science and learning depend on having an open mind.
  • The unexplained is nothing more than something unexplained (Admitting you don’t know can, in fact, be very empowering).
  • Requiring evidence and being skeptical does not make someone close-minded.
  • Believing in more things does not make you better but can make it clear you are more gullible.
  • Constant skepticism is unhealthy and annoying but prudent when it involves taking risks that can effect your health and your wealth.

This blog will do its best to keep an open mind when examining everything that it does. We only ask you our readers do their best to have one too.


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