Love is a Human Experience, Not a Political Statement

Anne Hathaway clearly understands what love is and nicely summarizes how I feel about rights for gay men and women. So, thank you Anne for making this post a simple but beautiful one.

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2 thoughts on “Love is a Human Experience, Not a Political Statement

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  1. It’s funny how much fuss is made over gay marriage when straight marriage has already failed so miserably in our country. We’ve heard from the religious right that gay marriage undermines straight marriage. However, one might legitimately say that prohibiting gay marriage doesn’t seem to have done much to improve heterosexual unions anywhere in America including the Bible belt. Jesus did not come to legislate morality or encourage us to. What if instead of calling their congressman, every Christian married person turned to their spouse and said, “I’m sorry for neglecting our relationship. How can I be a better partner for you?” It’s just so much easier to have a tangible Boogey Man to blame. God, forgive us!


    1. Well put. Honestly if they always put morality to a vote slavery would be legal and women wouldn’t be allowed to vote at all. We kind of have to trust our legislators, which is part of the reason why democracy works best, because we can always vote them out. Myself, at the risk of sounding insensitive, I don’t really care who marries who. It’s someone else’s life. So even if it was wrong in some way (which it certainly is not) if two adults want to do that to themselves that is their prerogative. I really don’t think live and let live is that much to ask.


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