James Randi steps up again

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A month or two ago I sent James Randi an email about Therea Caputo the ‘Long Island Medium’  because I thought someone with that kind of influence needed to expose her before she could hurt anyone else. He didn’t reply to my email but instead did something much better: this and it made my day! A few choice quotes that I really like:

The Learning Channel has, sadly, recognized — along with so many other such outlets — that pseudo-science attracts viewers. They’ve reached their own private nirvana with Ms. Caputo.

Yes indeed unfortunate that this fraud still brings in millions, billions worldwide.

But much more importantly to us, such performances seem to prey on people at their most vulnerable moments — those who have suffered the loss of loved ones — and these mediums use such grief to make a buck. Psychologists tell us this keeps the grieving stuck in their grief, rather than going through the natural stages of acceptance that are healthy.

This is what upsets me about this the most. If she wasn’t defrauding the grieving not likely much anyone would care.

Until either the government steps in and puts psychics in the same category as Ponzi schemes there will be millions to be made on the backs on the bereaved. For an intuitive and charismatic person like Caputo getting their share of these millions is like stealing candy from a baby, and just as ethical.


On Grief and Grieving: Finding the Meaning of Grief Through the Five Stages

Grief (The Canadian Mental health Association)


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