Religion and Ethics Part One and Two

The first two parts in the Religion and Ethics series ae up:

Part One:

I have been seeing a lot of  blogs posts, news columns, Facebook posts..etc bashing religious unbelief as having no or little moral compass or guidance. So it  is time once again to remind the religious fundamentalists that they do not own nor are they the creators of moral behaviour. A quick run through the newspaper and its quite easy to argue just the opposite.  However, the subject is hardly a black and white issue. Unbelievers don’t necessarily own kindness, compassion and tolerance either (as the atheism+ movement and response has shown). However the morals that all good people, religious or otherwise, hold highly were created long before religion and atheism as we commonly know them now.

Part Two

In Part One we explored why the religious do not have the ownership over values and morals they proclaim to. So it is fair to ask ‘Where do morals come from then?’. This essay tries to answer that.


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