2 years and counting

A lot has happened and I’d say even though I don’t put much up on this blog these days having made it 2 years makes me pretty happy.  So far I feel pretty good having shared information with the world and using this blog to help me fight the good fight. I am remotivated and so expect more frequent posts. In the meantime here my favorite entries over the past two years. In no particular order. Enjoy.

My quick look at the Ghost Hunters: Truth is Ben Radford from CSICOP deserves most of the credit for doing the research. I just had to share, he really nailed it.

The Mormons: A found a video that was pretty comprehensive and revealing. Would have been a shame not to share it.

Do Not Give to The Salvation Army: This was my most popular article. I released it in  December and it received several thousand views. Was happy to get the message to that many people. I was really disappointed with the Salvation army though.

The Power of Admitting ‘I don’t know’: My first, a least partially, philosophical entry. I still feel this way.

Ireland Breaks it Off with the Vatican: Enda Kenny’s Speech is deeply moving and powerful.

Religion would not survive life on new worlds: The consensus seems to be that it would survive if it adapted. Primarily religion would have to lose its geocentric tenants. This would likely drive religion into obscurity.

Definition of God: My first addition to the atheism/humanism library. Always a pleasure to go into philosophical examinations.

The Printable Humanist Declaration: One day I will do another one. There are two things I should have mentioned about it: First, it is important, that everyone have their own version. Second, it should always be reexamined for improvements.

The Why Humanism Series: Part 1, 2 and 3.  One day I will write a book about this.

Vaccinations Save Lives: I did a lot of research and I am really happy with the point I made. Was outside the the usual theme here but I really feel strongly about this issue.

I have had the luxury of coming across a lot of really great people, places and things around the web since I started this blog.  Thanks to everyone who joined in the conversations. Here’s to another great 2 years!


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