Third Annual Salvation Army Sucks Post

Well maybe the don’t suck but their stances on human rights haven’t changed since my first post and so still don’t stand as a charity worth supporting. Here is the original article. Other than be staunchly religious their views on important issues are also archaic and don’t belong in civil society. As outlined below from their website:

  1. Abortion: When an unwanted pregnancy occurs, The Salvation Army counsels that the parents receive caring support for their emotional, physical, social and spiritual needs, and that the unborn child be carried to term.
  2. Euthanasia: The Salvation Army believes that euthanasia and assisted suicide are morally wrong.
  3. Gay rights: ‘The Salvation Army believes that God’s will for the expression of sexual intimacy is revealed in the Bible, and that living fully in accordance with biblical standards calls for chastity outside of heterosexual marriage and faithfulness within it.’ Under marriage the Salvation Army states: ‘The Salvation Army believes marriage is the covenanting together of one man and one woman for life in a union to the exclusion of all others.’

They sing the same tune on all important issues. Simply put the Salvation Army’s stance on anything is: ‘Its only right or wrong if the bible says so’. As such I won’t be dropping money again in their buckets again this year. Instead support any of these wonderful charities:

Doctors Without Borders       Amnesty International       Sick Kids Hospital         The Children’s Wish Foundation

or any on this list all do good work.


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