2017 is Here And We Have a Lot of Work To Do

With all the celebrity deaths, a Trump presidential victory and the usual chaos and turmoil in the world and our personal lives many people are talking about how bad 2016 was. Last year was, as usual, full of the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s worth reflecting on so we know what’s important going forward.

  1. Human Rights:
    1. libertyData from the CIVICUS Monitor  3.2 billion people live where freedoms are badly repressed or nonexistent.
    2. The radical alt-right will soon control the most powerful country in the world.
    3. The U.N has turned into powerless money pit.
  2. Politics:
    1. Even in thriving democracies governments continue to repress freedoms .
    2. Millions still live below the poverty line.
    3. War wages in Syria. In fact, there are least 10 different armed conflicts ongoing into 2017.
  3. bokoReligion: There are still close 6 billion people who identify as a specific religion worldwide. Different religions still wage war like the Shia and Shiite Muslims always have always have or the Burma conflict or The Boko Haram in Nigeria. This is a list of religion based violence five pages long and that’s just for 2016.

Clearly work to be done and there is always hope. This blog won’t allow the mass media and the naysayers to destroy that. Humanity, despite all of the problems, continues to push forward. Here are some examples from 2016:

Human Rights

Michael Jordan donated two million to try and help bridge the connection between police and the community.

Harriet Tubman is going to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.

In February, Ontario announced a $100 million initiative to curb violence against indigenous women.

Female Genital Mutliation in Africa won a major battle 

Germany took on rape culture.

The gender gap between girls and boys in school narrowed in 2016 too.

transDenmark  no longer defines transgender as a mental illness, and Canada announced a ban on transgender discrimination.

Following the end of conflict in Colombia in 2016, all of the war in the world is now limited to an arc that contains less than a sixth of the world’s population.


Homelessness in the United States declined by 35% since 2007, and Los Angeles committed to $1.2 billion to help get more people off the street.

Gambia and Tanzania banned child marriage.

victoryOpponents of female genital mutilation scored a major victory when the Pan African Parliament endorsed a continent-wide ban. 

Standing Rock Sioux stopped the pipeline construction that threatened their water supply.


Gene editing became a reality

Sri Lanka is now malaria-free . Global malaria deaths have declined by 60% since the year 2000

New medicine has been shown to increase melanoma survival rate to 40%


The Anglican church now performs same sex unions.

The Rabbinical Assembly issued a resolution affirming the rights of transgender and non-conforming individuals.

ISIS started falling apart and even Muslims clerics declared a fatwa against them

Religion is still on the decline and affluence is on the rise

A few other great lists
99 reasons was 2016 was a good year.

2016: It Was A Very Good Year, Despite What The Pundits Say

People Really Love This List Of Good Things That Have Happened In 2016 Inspired by a really great Reddit thread

It was a good year but going forward we must all keep on fighting the good fight against hate, violence and suppression of democracy and our human rights that happens even right here at home. This blog sure as hell will and so should you.


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    1. Sorry you feel that way. Don’t mistake my dislike for religion as a dislike of individual followers. As long as you are doing your best to be peaceful and kind then all the power to ya. 🙂


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