Theist vs Atheist: Same old , same old.

Criticism of religion is certainly nothing new. Ancient Greek philosophers criticized religion regularly. Atheism and criticism of religion didn’t really take hold though until the renaissance and not much has changed since. The whole debate has gotten so tired that the Irish Times recently called the whole thing a godawful bore. No new apologetics or philosophy supporting the existence of God has surfaced in decades. New books and essays merely rehash the same old material in interesting and uninteresting ways. This, however, in no way diminishes the importance of the discussion. Keeping religion a personal matter is as crucial as ever.

Three main debates on God and religion remain open:

  1. The Cosmological Argument: At this point in human development this argument has has become a matter of nitpicking the finer points of quantum mechanics. Any version of this is really a glorified God of the gaps argument and the gaps are closing fast.
  2. Theological History: Historians who support the Bible and other religions as true are becoming pretty scarce. Even then those kinds of historians are most often interested in the actual history of the times and places spoken about in religious text and not whether or not stories from religious documents are true and/or prove the existence of God.
  3. Psychology: Supporters of a belief God point to the psychological benefits on individuals, groups, society’s. These benefits are documented as true benefits but are slowly be replaced by affluence and finding independent sources of hope, meaning, and community.

yawning-1458441_1280Even these have been done to death and unless you are new to the subject using the same old arguments to supports God’s existence can become stale pretty quick. Arguments in support of God have been refuted again and again and again.

However considering the state of religion in the world currently and how it is used in social and political levels to discriminate and hate, to ignore good science, to impede human rights and divide people then the discussion remains paramount.

‘Ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to hate, and hate leads to violence. This is the equation.’  -Averroes





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  1. I am afraid I find your article inaccurate. You said that no knew evidence/arguments for God has surfaced in decades. That could not be more inaccurate. With scientifically advancement we have found SO much evidence in the last decade alone.


      1. No, some people refuse to believe the obvious. For instance, I can give a detailed account of the flood backed up by many pieces of evidence for each claim (as I have often done), but some people refuse to believe it.


      2. I disagree seeing as how my accounts are 100% accurate. However, if you follow my blog, you will see a link to a detailed presentation I have created soly about the Flood. It will be out sometime this week as I am still making it. It will be filled with evidence. I have no idea how anyone could reject the Global Flood.


      3. Well, I like to focus on how there had to have been a global flood according to geological findings. You see Atheists and evolutionists can’t have a global flood, so they interpret the evidence against it. A global flood cannot work in the evolutionary model. Yet, there really isn’t a way there could not have been a Flood in the Creation model, so it is very important idea.


  2. If you can prove God’s existence of you should be on the cover of every magazine and newspaper in the world as that​ would be pretty much the biggest discovery of all time.


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