Ok, this is what I want.

I have never really gave serious thought about what I would done with my body after I die because I am still fairly young, until I saw this:

THE TREE URN biosurn

Until I saw this I had a hopes they would perfect cryogenic stasis but with no hope of revival so far I have changed my mind to the bios urn. The link will give a better description but basically this will allow your ashes to be used in an urn that will support a tree.  Other then the benefits their website describes the following is a list of reason why I think this is fitting for a humanist (in no particular order):

  • Giving back, even after death. A tree provides a home and sometimes food for animals and insects and gives oxygen to the Earth.
  • Once you are dead there is no coming back. There is no afterlife, this is as close to immortality as a human being can get.
  • No gloomy headstone and no casket, just a celebration of a life.

This is a very humanist way to go. An amazing invention and such a happier approach to celebrating the life of a lost loved one.



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