Renza Aslan dismantles anti-Muslim hate.

Last year Reza Aslan managed to debunk all of the anti-Muslim hate we are seeing everyday in under ten minutes. We need this message now more than ever.

Some key responses:

“…the problem of female genital mutilation is a perfect example. It’s not an Islamic problem, it’s an African problem”

“Eritrea has almost 90% female genital mutilation, it’s a Christian country. Ethiopia has almost 75% female genital mutilation, it’s a Christian country”

“Did you know that seven Muslim majority countries have has women as heads of state? How many women have we had as head of state?”

“In the months everyone has been talking about ISIS and their terrible action Saudi Arabia, our closest ally, has beheaded 19 people and nobody seems to care”

“We are using two or three examples to justify a generalization. That’s actually the definition of bigotry”
His point in the first part of the interview is that while a few countries with a Muslim majority are practicing in some terrible thingsĀ  by painting them all with the same brush we are being bigots.

Then they play a clip of Benjamin Netenyahu discussing militant Islam.

“He is absolutely incorrect in saying that ISIS equals Islam, that’s just ridiculous.’

“These kinds of over-simplifications, I think, only cause more danger”

“But it doesn’t actually help us to deal with them (Hamas, Al-Qaeda…etc) when instead of talking about rational criticisms of a particular religion when instead we so easily slip into bigotry by painting them all with the same brush”

He set Kayleigh McEnany straight earlier this year as well. Going to go and pick up his book Beyond Fundamentalism this week. So far this blog really appreciates what he is saying.





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