Mormon Church Allowed to Keep Police Force

Disheartening​ news that a religious police force is being tolerated in Hildale, Utah. The police in question serve a polygamous Mormon sect that marries underage girls and carries with it all the problem associated with fundamentalism Christianity​. The Force itself is a legitimate, government sanctioned force that serves Hildale and Colorado City called  Colorado City Marshal’s Office.

The U.S. Department of Justice called for the disbanding of the CCMO as part of a lengthy anti-discrimination lawsuit against the twin towns that comprise Short Creek that began in 2012. According to the complaint, the community’s powerful FLDS leaders denied non-members access to housing, police protection, and public services including water and electricity.

In March 2016, a jury determined the community’s leadership had discriminated against non-FLDS members and awarded $2.2 million in damages to six Short Creek residents. The Justice Department then demanded the federal government disband Short Creek’s police force, which it claimed was enforcing the church’s discrimination against non-members.  –The Daily Beast

A judge allowed them to continue serving as a force citing costs but they would be require to go through training and hire an outside consultant to help them change their policies and reduce discrimination.

Even though the police were found guilty of discrimination and ignoring the child abuse and other human rights violations (which in this case hidden under freedom of religion) within a fundamentalist group they were allowed to remain working. A sickening example of religion’s grip on the law and society in that district. This story exemplifies the problem with letting religious fundamentalism take route in a culture.




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