Muslim man who was attacked with acid wants to know why it’s not labelled a terror attack

‘Jameel Muhktar had to be put in a coma for two days after a man threw acid at him and his cousin Resham Khan through a car window as they sat at traffic lights in Beckton’ (Courtesy of the Independent). Both Jameel and his cousin Resham Khan were squirted with acid when they were sitting at a traffic light. They were both left with horrific, extremely painful injuries. The scars on their faces are permanent. Pictures left out because they are rather graphic but can be seen at the original article. Mr. Muhkter asks a valid question: Why isn’t this being labelled a terror attack or a hate crime? A white man attacked an Asian man and in a very sadistic way too.

Labeling this as a terror attack allows police more freedom to act in their investigation and more to the point: not all terrorists are Muslim. There is some evidence the suspect holds anti-Muslim views so this is at least a hate crime. Would this be treated as a terror attack if this were an Asian man spraying acid on two white people after he posted anti-white/western views on social media? Probably. There is definitely something unsettling in the fact that this has not been labelled as terror yet.


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