Human Potential

I’ve often been asked ‘So what do you believe in then?’ It’s a reasonable question of someone who rejects religion, pseudosciences and the paranormal. My answer is always human potential. Not be mistaken for humanity itself. You only need to turn on the news to lose faith in humanity. Human potential however has proven itself to be real and powerful again and again:

This graphic is barely even a comprehensive list. Some experts believe it was a miracle civilization established itself to begin with.  Since the invention of farming early settlements were fighting not only each other but weather, starvation, disease and lack of resources.  We tapped our potential and soon along came better farming and hunting, better homes, better security, sanitation systems and all the vital tools and systems that allowed early civilization to thrive.

All you have to do is know where to look see the miracle of human potential:

A small sample of the amazing things people are accomplishing in the world everyday. These few links also help show that human potential works from a cultural right down to a personal level. Governments pass laws that help and protect their citizens, communities undertake vast projects to promote growth and development, and people fight great stresses and challenges with strength and perseverance that they never knew they had. Our friend over at beautybeyondbones tapped her potential to overcome a debilitating illness and is doing better than ever.

There are plenty of things that stand between us and what we are capable of but human potential is real and once it’s released the sky is the limit. Seeing this in ourselves, other people, cities, countries and humanity as a whole is where we can find our hope. Whatever your vision of the future is we can fight what is wrong with the human condition knowing that a powerful potential is there. We can help ourselves and each other unlock our potential and that vision can become a reality.

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