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There will now be a journal page. A more personal page, it will occasionally contain entries on how I live happily free from religion and superstition. This first entry will be a brief history of my religious and philosophical journey.

Anglican Catholicism

I remember my Mom telling me our family was Anglican when I was a little boy and so, being just a kid, I identified with that. I even went to a Roman Catholic School. I didn’t like it one bit. Masses were boring and confusing. Looking back now I suppose was lucky religion already made no sense to me. I never really went to church but whenever someone asked I said Catholic.


After high school I started studying very traditional martial arts and since I was already disconnected from religion Buddhism naturally clicked with me. This was a belief system free of wrathful Gods and boring masses with creepy priests. The religion was mainly about using meditation to seek enlightenment. It was during these years I meditated a lot of became a fan of some of the new age beliefs. I really liked  Dan Millman. I was a believer in crystals and other new age mumbo jumbo too. I confess I was pretty content but I believe that was all the exercise and mediation I was doing at the time.


Our college psychology teacher asked us to pick an emotion for a presentation and mine was optimism. The research I did would start a change in my thinking that would last the rest of my life. I came across Max More’s Dynamic Optimism in it he suggested that the truly optimistic reject religion’s attitude of mind-body dualism and defeatism. It inspired me to read more about why religion might be a bad thing. Many articles and books later I was firmly convinced that God does not exist.


Atheism alone wasn’t enough though. All atheism is an unbelief in the existence of God. Fortunately most humanists also reject religion and God and so I came across authors like Paul Kurtz and Corliss Lamont and discovered humanism. After much reading I decided secular humanism was the belief system I most identify with.

As much as I don’t like labels I am still a secular humanist and that belief system definitely makes me happy and fulfilled.



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  1. Quite a journey with good end . What about your moral nature ? by that I mean the conflict between the life you chose to live and the life you think you should live? Do you not feel upset when you fail to do the right thing? or worse when you do the wrong thing because you want to do it?


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