Purpose worksheet: A Start To A More Meaningful Life

There are almost as many different kinds of purpose in life as there people on the planet but finding the one that makes us happy and content is not always easy.  Everyone is in a different set of psychological and environmental circumstances and so it’s impossible to list all of the reasons someone might not have found their purpose yet but there are some common obstacles:

Psychological: Some types personality traits are ‘hard-wired’ into a person’s brain and they may be unable to find the happiness or satisfaction that comes with purpose even if they found something they are good at and/or enjoy doing. Mental illnesses, personality disorders and brain injuries can compound this issue.

Social: Feeling pressured into a certain lifestyle or career choice by friends and/or family. For example some people feel obligated to follow in their family’s footsteps or carry on a tradition for some reason.

Cultural: Socio-economic circumstances can force people into certain jobs and/or lifestyles. Such as being conscripted into the military or caring for a sick loved one because no other care is available.

There billions of people in billions of different circumstances and so sometimes people do not find their purpose. However if you don’t know your purpose or can’t find it professionals have developed ways to help. Like the following worksheet created by unstuck.com


It has 4 parts:

  1. Pinpoint Your Values: It really does start there. You need to understand what is important to you.
  2. Consider Your options: This is always a good thing to do. We don’t often enough stop to think about what our options are.
  3. Make Room For What You Love: Need I say more?
  4. Filter By Purpose: Do your decisions tie in with your purpose in life?

The worksheet is fantastic, the folks at Unstuck.com did a  great job. It’s a great first step to leading more fulfilling life. The full worksheet.

Some more reading:

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