Journal July 22nd, 2018: Potential for Greatness

Another bit of a hiatus is over. Time to start thinking of moving the site to the greatness it could become. Work and family obligations have made it difficult to be as serious as I need to be in order for the site to reach as many people as I like. There are two great things that could come out of reaching more people:

  1. Giving Hope to People: At the very least providing a start to finding meaning in life and showing how it is possible to be a happy, productive person without the need for religion or superstition, a happiness based on the humanities. Sharing of information of all types is extremely important, especially when the information has so much penitential to positively impact people.
  2. Financial: The reality is websites aren’t free. I don’t mind paying because I enjoy doing it and I am lucky to be able to share something positive with the world, that makes me feel pretty good. The ideal situation would be to be making a profit and start giving to charity or be able to dedicate more time to the blog.

My personal situation changes in the fall so more regular posting should be possible, I hope so because there is so much potential for greatness.


Image result for there is no heavier burden than a unfulfilled potential




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