Journal August 9th, 2017: Future Planning

I have started laying out a plan for generating funds to support the site and coincidentally found this relevant meme while browsing Instagram. I will soon be adding a donate button and possibly adding product sales. Too many good websites start great and end up cluttered and their content changes, often for the worst, out of fear of advertisers pulling their support. They become bogged down with ads, products and annoying popups. I have made a promise to myself not to let that happen. So I hope I can draw a balance between monetizing the site and keeping it informative and interesting. I also have to be careful to make sure information stays free from bias, is factual and gathered from scientific research as much as possible.

Hopefully through social media, networking, reader support and a few ads the site can generate enough to at least break even and maybe make enough to support charities and do some great things. Most of these changes start happening in October, very exciting indeed.



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