About Never Thought To Question

Our Mission:
Never Thought To Question exists to promote alternatives to religion.  Through the use of this website and related resources Never Thought To Question aims to demonstrate the benefits of scientific research in the humanities.  Never Thought To Question believes in ideas that are based on reason and a caring for humanity.  We also support:

Reason and science


Human rights and responsibilities





Never Thought To Question Why has a secular philosophy that makes human needs and concerns its primary position.  Never Thought To Question also believes secular humanism most closely resembles our own values and beliefs.

Why Happiness Is Free

Entertainment, travel and many other things that can bring temporary happiness are almost never free but Never Thought To Question believes that true happiness comes from inside and shouldn’t cost a dime.  We also believe being truly happy includes enjoying all the freedoms that comes with living in a democracy that respects the U.N. Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Never Thought To Question also believes this should include freedom from religion. Happiness truly is the freedom to live and let live free of social and cultural restraints that only serve to suppress who we truly are and make us unhappy.

Our Tools


The understanding of human behaviour has made enormous advances in the understanding of many things associated with human behaviour. Never Thought To Question mostly utilizes humanist psychology and it’s sister science positive psychology.


For thousands of years human kind’s greatest thinkers have contemplated life’s great questions. We are lucky that we live in a time when we have access to many of greatest answers to questions like: How do we be happy? and how do we find meaning in life?  Never Thought To Question believes in accessing these great answers and sharing them.


Never Thought To Question believes in reaching out to like minded thinkers and helping them share their great ideas on being happy and content.


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  1. I stumbled across your blog last night and was really impressed by what you’re doing!

    Would it be okay if I mentioned Never Thought To Question Why on The Field Mouse? My readership is like nil (I’ve been blogging for less than 48 hours) but you have a great message and I’d like to spread the word. I would just mention your blog’s name and write a short paragraph about the issues you discuss and maybe take a quote from your “About” page. Then I’d exhort the 12 people reading to click “Follow”!

    If this is some sort of breech of blog etiquette or maybe too weird or something please disregard this entirely. I just thought I’d ask and see if you’re cool with it. You can either comment back to me or send me an email at fieldmouseblog@gmail.com.


    1. Thank you for the kinds words, you’re too nice. I added a link to your blog. Also I will repost one of your entries and see if I can help bring up the readership.
      Thanks again!


    1. Thanks! I am going to be making some changes to this document after some reflection I now think its not so much the problem of religion but the problem of religion’s usage, especially so in politics.. Anyway,thank you so much for the supporting words.


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