Humor: Remove Negative Influences

A quick post. A little humor for a Monday morning:

Thanks to Aric’s Learning Blog for the comic





The Importance of Humour

I have been meaning to explore humour for quite a while for it is indeed a value humanists hold in high regard (as many others rightfully do as well). I only just now found a great example of what good a good sense of humour can do. In this video Tom Hanks is doing a presentation for Sony that he very clearly didn’t want to do. Apparently Sony managed to sneak it’s way into his contract for Angels and Demons forcing him to pitch Sony products at CES in Las Vegas at 8 in the morning and Mr. Hanks wasn’t too happy with this. However instead of getting mad or throwing a childish fit he made them regret it in a hilarious way. He turned an unfortunate situation into a few laughs for everyone and still managed to make his point about tricking him into doing something he didn’t necessarily want to do.

The Sony executive who came on stage handled it pretty good too by joining in on the joke. I.e: ‘But we’ll still be friends, at least until after the movie.’

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