International Day Of Peace

It’s international day of peace and I am sad. Sad because it will go almost unnoticed. The news won’t cover it and posts about it aren’t going viral on the internet, it seems like nobody cares. World peace seems like a cliche. Some will call it a ‘hippy-dippy’ goal not tied to reality but the value of the ideal remains as prudent today as anytime in history. According to the Council of Foreign relations there are at least 25 active armed conflicts in the world. When you include crime in this assessment the Earth is definitely in need of a day of peace. We can make it happen one day we just have keep fighting the good fight.

Happy International Day Of Peace!

The Following Video has some disturbing images


Music Selection One: Within You

Music can be so powerful. It’s high time Never Thought To Question Why shared some of its favorites that suit what we here stand for. Any suggestions for songs would be great.

This one being put first quite deliberately.

Give Peace A Chance

Today I am going to add this one by Ray LaMontagne. I am sure John would be proud.

I think a music page is in order. I will add one soon.


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